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What Our Sexual Harassment Lawyers Can Do For You?


As a top-rated sexual harassment legal company in Los Angeles, CA, we can help you understand your rights, file a case, assess the value of your claim, and assist you in submitting the paperwork. Our Los Angeles sexual harassment attorneys can investigate your case, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and build a solid case on your behalf.

Speak with a member of our team at Sexual Harassment Los Angeles to learn your rights and how you may hold the responsible party(s) accountable for your physical, mental, and emotional suffering. We’re here to help with any questions you may have about our services. 

At the Sexual Harassment Los Angeles, we’ve always been at the forefront of defending against sex assaults against men and women. With complete sensitivity and confidentiality, Sexual Harassment Los Angeles helps victims seek justice and appropriate compensation.

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Pursuing a sexual harassment claim may be a difficult first step, but it’s critical that you speak up if you’ve been harassed. California has new, stronger legislation that allows sexual harassment victims to speak out. There’s no need to put up with sexual harassment if you or a loved one has been a victim. Call Sexual Harassment Los Angeles at (888) 530-4565 now for a free and confidential case evaluation.

What Legal Remedies Are Available To Me For Sexual Harassment?


A civil court system may award financial compensation, sometimes known as damages, to help a victim recover from sexual harassment. You may be eligible for the following types of losses:

  • Any loss of past and/or future wages.
  • The difference between the pay rate at the time of the sexual harassment to the current pay rate for the same position if there was a demotion.
  • Damages for emotional distress.
  • Permanent internal company policy changes to stop the toxic culture and behavior in the company.
  • Attorney’s fees and costs.
  • Punitive damages may be paid if the behavior was particularly harmful or reckless. This is done more to chastise the defendant and to discourage similar behaviors.

If you have been harassed sexually by your employer, or by other people, we strongly urge you to contact Sexual Harassment Los Angeles right away. The lawyers at Sexual Harassment Los Angeles will assist you in obtaining compensation for your losses. Get in touch with our sexual harassment lawyer now for a completely confidential and fee-free consultation.

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Sexual Harassment Los Angeles

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A sexual harassment lawsuit is time-consuming, complex, and emotionally disturbing. You may not be aware of all alternatives available to you if you do not consult with Sexual Harassment Los Angeles, and you may be pressured into dropping the case entirely. With our attorneys, you can focus on healing while ensuring that the offender is held accountable, and your stress and anxiety will be significantly reduced.

If you’d like to talk with us and ask questions specific to your case, call us at (888) 530-4565 for a free case evaluation.

What Is The Procedure For Filing A Claim Of Sexual Harassment In California?


To start a sexual harassment lawsuit against someone in California, you must first complete three steps:

  1. You must inform your employer, whether it’s your boss, human resources, or someone in charge, so they may hear and respond to employee complaints.
  2. If you continue to be the target of sexual harassment, the next step is to file a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). This step is necessary since, without an employee’s right to sue letter, they cannot file a valid lawsuit if they choose not to pursue legal action.
  3. If you obtain the right to sue a letter, you have one year from the date of receipt to file a viable sexual harassment case.

What Should You Do If You Are A Victim Of Sexual Harassment?


If you are a victim of sexual harassment, there are several things you can do:

  1. Tell your harasser that you do not want to engage with them and that they are making you uncomfortable. While it may appear obvious, many individuals may be oblivious to the ways in which their advances are pursued.
  2. Keep a journal of events, dates, the number of times you’ve gone over it, locations where you’ve been, individuals involved, emails and communications that have passed between people.
  3. Make an official complaint and file a sexual harassment claim. Many organizations have established procedures to protect employees from sexual misconduct.
  4. While we realize that remaining in a workplace where you are constantly subjected to sexual harassment may be extremely distressing, it is critical that you report the incident as soon as possible. This might have an impact on your chances of winning a personal injury claim.
  5. Harassment, particularly sexual harassment, can have a detrimental impact on one’s ability to function effectively. If you are having trouble coping with the circumstances and have anxiety, sadness, emotional distress, or other psychological symptoms, see a therapist or counselor.
  6. It’s critical that you consult with a sexual harassment lawyer at Sexual Harassment Los Angeles as soon as possible if you believe you’re being sexually harassed so they can assist you in preserving your claims and the direction of action to take.

Types Of Sexual Harassment Cases We Handle

Sexual Harassment Los Angeles has the knowledge and experience to assist clients in all types of sexual harassment cases in Los Angeles. We have significant practical expertise and real-world understanding in this area. Our law firm is the most popular option in Los Angeles for handling all types of sexual harassment allegations, including those involving minors.

  • Discrimination
  • Internet sexual harassment
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Sexual assault or abuse
  • Stalking or cyberstalking
  • Unwelcome sexual advances
  • Workplace sexual harassment
We help you fight for Justice

Sexual Harassment, whether physical or verbal, is not only offensive. It's demeaning, degrading, and those who fight back often suffer reprisals and other mistreatment. This form of treatment is unjust, which is why Sexual Harassment Los Angeles has made it a goal to combat sexual harassment and get full recovery for anybody who has been sexually harassed.

At Sexual Harassment Los Angeles , we provide free, no-obligation case evaluations. At no cost or obligation, you may speak with an attorney about your particular sexual harassment scenario. Meetings may also be held over the phone and in person at our office. Our attorneys are available to answer client questions and provide suggestions on what to do next, and your experience may be eligible for financial compensation in Los Angeles. To set up a one-on-one consultation, contact us now.

If you’d like to talk with us and ask questions specific to your case, call us at (888) 530-4565 for a free case evaluation.

In Los Angeles, What Are The Elements Of A Sexual Harassment Case?


In Los Angeles, you or our Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer must show that the criteria for sexual harassment exist before a claim against an employer or other liable party can be filed. You must have the proper legal grounds to support your claim. Otherwise, you may not have a legitimate case, and the courts in Los Angeles will dismiss it. It’s always a good idea to talk with an attorney about whether or not you have a sexual harassment lawsuit. Our attorneys provide free and completely anonymous consultations so you can understand your rights and talk about your case without risk or obligation. In general, a California sexual harassment claim must include five distinct components.

  1. Conduct Based On Gender

    The first aspect is conduct, that is, actions or behaviors based on sex. The behavior must be related to the plaintiff’s sex, gender, or gender identity. Otherwise, the action would need to be sexual in nature. Under California law, conduct that is not sexual or gender-based will not be considered sexual harassment. You might have other types of employment claims, such as ones based on race or religion, but you may also have a claim for sex discrimination.

  2. Conduct That Is Severe Or Persistent

    If the reported sexual assault was not serious or frequent, you will not have a case. You or your lawyer must establish that the alleged sex discrimination produced a hostile work environment. This usually necessitates proof that a single act was extreme in nature or that you have been the target of continual and continuous sexual harassment, thus establishing a hostile working environment.

  3. Unwelcome Conduct

     Unwanted or without the victim’s consent is required for sexual harassment to exist. If you agreed to the sexual act or had a consensual sexual relationship with the offender, you will usually not have a case for workplace sexual harassment, with certain exceptions.

  4. Defendant’s Liability

     The next step is to show that someone is responsible for the act of sexual harassment, which your lawyer will accomplish by demonstrating that it occurred. Liability is established if a person has a legal duty of care toward the victim and breaches this duty. If, for example, an employer fails to train supervisors on how to prevent sexual harassment and this results in liability for the employer.

  5. Compensable Damages

     Finally, your attorney must show that you have compensable losses as a result of the sexual harassment, such as emotional distress, psychological damage, therapy expenses, medical bills, missed income, and job loss.

A sexual harassment lawyer from Sexual Harassment Los Angeles can help you determine if you have a viable case. We’ll hear your story and evaluate the facts of your situation, and we’ll let you know if you have grounds to bring a claim. If you have been sexually harassed or assaulted at work, we may be able to assist you in your lawsuit against an employer or another defendant. We can assist you in protecting your rights and obtaining the highest compensation possible. We are committed to fighting for justice for victims of sex crimes in Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles’s Time Limits For Filing A Sexual Harassment Claim


The deadline for bringing a sexual harassment claim in California before 2020 was only one year from the date of the abuse, as it stands now. However, after the California legislature acknowledged the time it takes for a victim to report abuse, the statute was modified. In 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill No. 9 into law.

On January 1, 2020, this legislation increased the statute of limitations for sexual assault and sexual abuse claims from six months to one to three years. Employees will now have an additional 90 days to bring a claim before they can do so under AB 9. To start, the employee must file a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) within three years after the most recent harassment incident. The employee must then wait for a letter from the DFEH to bring legal action.

The employee has one year from the date he or she receives this notification to file a sexual harassment lawsuit. In California, AB 9 extended the time limit for filing a sexual harassment claim from one to three years, rather than just one year. Note that AB 9 does not cover claims for sexual harassment that occurred before January 1, 2020. Claims based on prior sexual victimization, however, must be filed within a year. For additional details about your filing time limit, contact our attorneys immediately.


Who Can Commit Sexual Harassment?


Most people think of sexual harassment as a man sexually harassing a woman at work, as well as a manager or someone in a position of authority sexually harassing an underling. Although these are the most frequent types of sexual harassment, they are not the only ones. Sexual harassment can be committed by anybody. The perpetrator and the victim may identify with any gender. In Los Angeles, men and women of all genders can be victims of sexual harassment. Both the harasser and the victim might have a professional relationship, such as coworker to coworker or customer to employee.

If you think you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment, contact Sexual Harassment Los Angeles right away. This includes your employer, company owner, manager, supervisor, CEO, coworker, customer, or client. During a free confidential consultation, we may evaluate the specifics of your situation to inform you if you have a claim for compensation. If the circumstances of your case meet California’s sexual harassment definition, one or more culpable parties might be held accountable. The liable party in your scenario will be determined by the circumstances.

Who Is Liable For Sexual Harassment?


Liability refers to a person’s or entity’s duty to pay for injuries caused by that person or company. In California, the individual or entity who is most responsible for causing or failing to prevent sexual harassment will be held liable. You may be held liable for the damages of another person or entity. The law that applies will be determined by the specifics of your case.

The victim’s employer is most often held responsible for sexual harassment in Los Angeles. An employer has a legal responsibility to educate its workers and supervisors on how to prevent sexual misconduct. Failing to follow this can result in California legislation being broken, which may expose the business to financial liability. Furthermore, an employer can be held responsible for the sexual harassment of its workers if it fails to take appropriate action.

Vicarious liability is a term used to describe an employer’s legal duty for the actions and behaviors of its workers. For example, if the harasser is a supervisor, the firm will be held responsible. If you were a victim of sexual harassment by an independent contractor, rather than your employer being held responsible, you would be individually liable for your losses.

In general, if the individual who harassed you as a company representative acts as the employer’s agent or proxy, the employer will be held liable. It’s a difficult legal concept to understand as an unrepresented plaintiff. The employer will generally be responsible if the person who harassed you is a company representative acting as an employer’s agent or proxy. If a coworker sexually harassed you, however, you may only be able to hold him or her accountable. A consultation with an experienced sexual harassment lawyer from Sexual Harassment Los Angeles can assist you in determining liability for your case.

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